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Tropers: I Hawk
If you can't tell by know, I am iHawk. If you remember that episode of Futurama where the Earth army invaded the Ball planet, you'd know that iHawk is that robot that played opposite Zoidberg in the operating room scene. And if you've seen M*A*S*H, you'd know where that was from. I'd like to think I'm kind of like Hawkeye, just not as funny (although he had writers and time to rehearse). I enjoy old TV ('60s and '70s) and really old movies ('20s - '50s) and because of this, among other things, I can seem a lot older than I actually am. I am a Civil Engineering major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, but I hail from Chicago. I am fairly well traveled, well read, and I like to stay up on current events, but I am also a pretty big nerd and have nerdy interests just like everyone here. I don't know what else to say right now so I'll just stop.

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