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Tropers: Shadow Magus
Well hello there. You seem to be lost. You're obviously a bit confused. Didn't expect to find this here? No, neither did I. Don't be afraid, it's not that scary.

I was born a poor black ma ... sorry Steve. Anyway, I'm Shadow Magus, and I'm addicted to TV Tropes. But that's okay, because besides ruining my life, TV Tropes has also enhanced it quite a bit. Because of this site, I have watched all of Zero Punctuation, Avatar, am reading the Discworld series, and will soon start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Oh, and I'm 23, live in Utah, yaddayaddayadda, a bit overweight but will be joining the US Army as soon as I lose some poundage. Go Eagleland!

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