Tropers / Mantid

I was good at English and history, but I wanted to design spaceships, damn it!
~Alan Dean Foster

"Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit." ("Almost nobody dances sober, unless he happens to be insane.")

Straddling a fine line between artistic and scientific, Mantid is a socially oblivious follower of Looking for Group and the works of Alan Dean Foster. Takes gleeful pleasure in pointing out the grievous errors of science-fiction shows. And watches the shows anyway. Mantid reads prodigiously, not just science fiction and fantasy, but all genres. She particularly likes books aimed at teens and older children because they don't generally offend her old-fashioned sensibilities. She refuses to read any bestseller until it is ten years old, in a willful pursuit of social obliviousness.