Tropers / Mandrke

and Sakuya too!
It's Mima!
Mandrke is a 20 year old from Adelaide, South Australia; having joined via Giant In The Playground

Helped kick-start the correction of El Goonish Shive and 8-Bit Theater's URLs for their reorganised sites. Has helped saved the recommended Fanfics from going down the bit-bucket due to the collapse of Geocities.

Self-Appointed Maintainer of the Just for fun Ruined FOREVER page. Added the network logos and their captions on the articles for the Australian TV networks.

Has contributed ideas to the Hogwarts Exposed Timeline and Battle Fantasia Project.
Member of, DeviantArt (lurker), Fanfiction Dot Net (lurker), The Fanfiction Forum, Wikipedia, XKCD and a few other sites.