Tropers / The Great Unknown


A man is sifting through piles of dusty trope pages and works. He looks up when he spots you, and smiles.

Hey there, I didnít hear you come in! As you can see, itís been awhile since I was in here, and I just thought Iíd tidy things up a bit. As long as youíre here, itíd be nice if youíd help me out, and Iíll tell you a little something about myself as we do.

Iím The Great Unknown. Why do I go by that? Good question. Letís just say that now itís because, well, there are far too many things that are obscure and unknown out there. Theyíre also great! Hence, itís my desire to show them off to, well, anyone whoíll possibly listen!

If you want basic details, it wouldnít be fitting to give much away, but Iím a male from Pennsylvania whoís old enough to know better but young enough to not care. And yes, I know thatís an old joke.

A couple things you should also know:

  • Iím a furry. A huge one, in fact, and I have absolutely no reason to be ashamed about, thank you very much!
  • I like to write and to roleplay. I can often be found on Forum Games, and Iím always planning to write fanfiction. Maybe one of these days Iíll get one finishedÖ

Okay, okay, Iíll tropefy myself:

Anyway, that should cover the basics. The rest is for you to find out! I mean, if you care. If not, Iíll just be here, quietly editing things and not-so-quietly playing forum games!

Here are a few examples of the pages Iíve started:

I like far, far too many things to list all at once. Iíll do a decent sample later, though!