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Tropers: Wordsmith
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Well, since you asked.

Wordsmith is the pseudonym of a man who likes to wear a mask. He hides behind the internet, nice drawings, the rain, the smoke from his cigarettes, and whatever random items happen to be around. He likes cuteness, particularly that of the Japanese variety, and spends as much of his time collecting cheap cute things as possible. He likes Vocaloid music, particularly rock, rap and Miku. His computer background is of Miku, he has a Miku FLELE that sings him to sleep and has favorited over a hundred Vocaloid songs on YouTube.

Wordsmith is a writer, a mangaka, and a singer. He likes long walks in the rain (and he means Loooooong; bring a tent), eating, and meeting people. He likes swords, guns, Gun Swords, Miku, Web Comics, word puzzles, making long lists, aggravating people, fighting and ending lists with meta.

Wordsmith is an avid fan of memes.

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