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Tropers: Xenus Oregard
I am a long-time visitor to this site, though I've only recently started into the process of editing.

I don't actually make a lot of entries, other than in Troper Tales. I do, however, try my best to fix simple errors as I see them around the site, such as fixing italics or linking to tropes that actually exist.

My favorite hobbies are video games, writing, and thinking up new stories; though, oddly, those three haven't yet fused into a unified form. Being a writer, I am a self-described Grammar Nazi and a perfectionist, demanding of myself that I make a work as good as possible on the very first draft. Whippings follow should I fail to meet my own standards.

TV Tropes has most definitely ruined my life, as I frequently find myself subjecting the stories I create to trope analysis. At least one story has drawn its direct inspiration from a concept described on this Wiki. The concept itself, not any example described within. How's that for odd?

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