Tropers / Spiky K

The troper. Kind of.

Spiky K is a contributor, guy that lives in AMERICA, but spells "colour" like he doesn't. He is neither spiky nor a multi-tailed fox (seeing as K is short for kitsune). It just sounded cool.

His name's Kazz and the doodle on the side is his fursona, also named Kazz.

Being a troper has ruined his life, and he speaks in Trope even in every-day conversation. People think this is annoying/severely confusing. However, troping has completely enhanced his writing ability— nothing helps plotting out a story better than typing an idea up like a mock-up series article and adding tropes you want to use...

He's an avoidant, queer, extremely uncool loser from South Dakota, USA, with a markedly low tolerance for stupid people.

He makes it his daily mission to force people to become TV Tropes addicts, and has at least converted three people. He also launched the page for Ardy Lightfoot, probably because he's the only person on earth that's ever played that game.

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Things he like include (hoo boy):