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Right, ok then. Let us type this entry that none shall read and less shall care about...

I'm Australian, with Scottish parentage. No idea where my username came from, but I've called myself that online ever since the internet started (and yes, I was around for that). I currently live in Central-Queensland, for those fellow Aussie tropers. Favorite city is Brisbane, but that's hardly going to be a shock to anyone's system.

I first stumbled across TV Tropes around the end of 2007 and it has been my favorite website ever since. I can blame it for 75% of my wasted study time.

Ridiculously big fan of Doctor Who, bordering on unhealthy. Putting links to some of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe trope pages, which I think need some love:

I can thank TV Tropes for introducing me to some truly great pieces of art;

By way of balance, I have also become a "fan" of:

I have a tendency to use 10 words when 3 would be fine, because I'm a pretentious git, my guess is. I also try to make a point of being friendly in my posts - we're all here to worship at the altar of entertainment at the end of the day, so if a post of mine has ticked you off, apologies and it probably wasn't intentional.

I love the various tropes and entries that go into how scientifically plausable "plot-point X" was in "TV Show Y". It was probably that that attracted me to here in the first place. Great stuff.

Currently less than pleased with the Australian Labor Government's plan to introduce a nation wide ISP-level filter that they will have complete control over. It is a sad state of affairs that it takes my home country turning into China for my political apathy to be roused.

For now, I'll restrain myself from putting a "Tropes that describe me" section, as part of me always feels those sound like a troper crying out "Woohey! Look how quirky I am! LOL!" (I will cave eventually, I'm sure) Instead, I'll put a space here for others to put comments in, should they so please. Think I'm a douche? Understandable. Think I'm pure unrefined awesome? Well, you're probablly a Sock Puppet...

Since you don't want to add tropes for yourself, I'm going to start adding ones for you based on close to zero knowledge about your personality and life.

Grimace: Holy crap. I think I just snort-laughed lemonade out my nose. You have just made my day.

Cambdoranononononono: Hooray! In retrospect, I completely missed the opportunity to say "Woohey! Look how quirky you are! LOL!" at the end.

goodyfun: You have now made me officially regret that I had not made my own profile interactive. Woohey!

Hey, you just missed some sticky lady. She was asking for you.