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18th Nov 17 01:39:13Recap.The Punisher 2017 S 01 E 013 AM
17th Aug 17 04:17:21Characters.The Punisher MAX The Punisher
29th Jul 16 03:09:19Hit Me Dammit
17th Jun 16 04:20:00You Got Spunk
17th Jun 16 04:09:58Straight Edge Evil
17th Jun 16 12:43:37Dying Moment Of Awesome.Film
7th May 16 05:28:57Funny.Dead Of Winter
19th Mar 16 04:57:24Awesome.Daredevil 2015
18th Mar 16 03:36:29Characters.Daredevil 2015
17th Feb 16 12:40:08Awesome.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
17th Feb 16 12:38:21Awesome.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
25th Dec 15 01:51:43Recap.Supernatural S 10 E 22 The Prisoner
20th Nov 15 04:34:29Characters.The Punisher MAX
28th Oct 15 05:41:34Hope Bringer
21st Oct 15 05:13:24Funny.Life Is Strange
17th Oct 15 11:20:58Funny.Homeland
8th Aug 15 03:07:44Funny.Wolfenstein The New Order
16th Jul 15 01:50:00Captain Obvious Reveal
12th Jul 15 04:32:56Nightmare Fuel.Batman Arkham Knight
10th Jul 15 02:00:16Characters.Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery Asylum
10th Jul 15 01:54:43Funny.Batman Arkham Knight
27th Mar 15 09:53:47Funny.The Legend Of Korra Book Four
27th Mar 15 05:52:21Awesome.The Punisher MAX
17th Mar 15 03:30:37Cut Lex Luthor A Check
12th Feb 15 12:36:07Funny.Bernice Summerfield
6th Feb 15 03:29:41Creator.David Mitchell
1st Feb 15 12:28:45Characters.Archer
30th Jan 15 05:56:43Nightmare Fuel.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
30th Jan 15 04:02:33Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who Specials UNIT Dominion
30th Jan 15 03:46:20Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who Villains
24th Jan 15 03:36:07Funny.Far Cry 4
13th Jan 15 01:19:07Misanthrope Supreme
11th Nov 14 04:09:39Tabletop Game.Infinity
23rd Sep 14 11:31:17Tabletop Game.Infinity
30th Aug 14 10:13:47The Unfettered
24th Aug 14 04:54:01Bring It
23rd Aug 14 12:45:27Characters.Dark Forces Saga
23rd Aug 14 12:45:02Characters.Dark Forces Saga
23rd Aug 14 12:44:44Characters.Dark Forces Saga
14th Aug 14 05:36:08Funny.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
13th Aug 14 11:48:36Funny.Horus Heresy
6th Aug 14 12:13:21Video Game.KENTUCKYROUTEZERO
5th Aug 14 04:38:26Awesome.Hitman
4th Aug 14 03:49:09Funny.Horus Heresy
28th Jul 14 01:51:16Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
22nd Jun 14 05:09:35Awesome.Thor The Dark World
13th Jun 14 02:47:22Headscratchers.The Punisher
30th May 14 07:07:30Godzilla Threshold
30th May 14 04:39:03Awesome.Epic Rap Battles OF History
20th May 14 04:24:41Characters.The Simpsons Springfield People
17th May 14 02:32:42Awesome.Twentyfour
13th May 14 12:57:09Funny.Game Of Thrones
9th May 14 04:16:59Characters.House Of Cards US Main
8th May 14 01:58:38Vice President Who
2nd May 14 05:12:17Series.The Escape Artist
2nd May 14 05:08:14Series.The Escape Artist
2nd May 14 12:50:33WMG.The Blackwell Series
1st May 14 02:50:32Series.The Escape Artist
26th Apr 14 12:23:54Video Game.The Blackwell Series
11th Apr 14 05:34:02Quotes.Straw Nihilist
9th Apr 14 04:05:56Funny.Homeland
9th Apr 14 04:05:15Funny.Homeland
28th Mar 14 06:20:21Quotes.Warhammer 40000
26th Mar 14 03:35:53Series.House Of Cards US
23rd Mar 14 02:09:01Forgiven But Not Forgotten
28th Feb 14 04:57:13Hollywood Hype Machine
27th Feb 14 03:49:44Creator.Jon Hamm
27th Feb 14 02:08:57Awesome.Big Finish Doctor Who
11th Feb 14 02:10:20Characters.Sherlock
8th Dec 13 05:16:29Characters.Thief
6th Dec 13 04:36:01Funny.Doctor Who New Series
5th Dec 13 01:41:31Funny.Mad Men
28th Nov 13 01:54:18Headscratchers.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
27th Nov 13 02:57:52Funny.Doctor Who
26th Nov 13 11:59:19Recap.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
19th Nov 13 12:20:56Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors
19th Nov 13 12:20:10Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors
15th Nov 13 03:18:04Recap.Doctor Who50th Prequel The Night Of The Doctor
15th Nov 13 01:39:47Recap.Doctor Who50th Prequel The Night Of The Doctor
15th Nov 13 01:33:52Recap.Doctor Who50th Prequel The Night Of The Doctor
15th Nov 13 01:19:23Recap.Doctor Who50th Prequel The Night Of The Doctor
14th Nov 13 12:10:04Recap.The Night Of The Doctor
14th Nov 13 12:09:01Recap.The Night Of The Doctor
14th Nov 13 12:08:24Recap.The Night Of The Doctor
14th Nov 13 12:06:17Recap.The Night Of The Doctor
14th Nov 13 06:06:04Recap.The Night Of The Doctor
14th Nov 13 05:24:09Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors
14th Nov 13 05:15:46Characters.Doctor Who Classic Series Doctors
13th Nov 13 01:15:25Recap.Doctor Who S 14 E 3 The Deadly Assassin
13th Nov 13 12:28:24Recap.Doctor Who S 25 E 1 Remembrance Of The Daleks
11th Nov 13 04:10:50Awesome.Infinite Crisis
6th Nov 13 02:01:36YMMV.Batman Arkham Origins
23rd Oct 13 01:16:00Headscratchers.Amnesia A Machine For Pigs
14th Oct 13 02:07:49Video Game.The Stanley Parable
6th Oct 13 11:31:41Headscratchers.Amnesia A Machine For Pigs
6th Oct 13 10:06:12Quotes.Oddly Named Sequel 2 Electric Boogaloo
6th Oct 13 10:01:44Oddly Named Sequel 2 Electric Boogaloo
6th Oct 13 09:51:45Awesome.Amnesia A Machine For Pigs
6th Oct 13 09:50:18Characters.Amnesia A Machine For Pigs
6th Oct 13 09:49:16Industrialized Evil
6th Oct 13 09:43:41Industrialized Evil
6th Oct 13 09:43:05Industrialized Evil
6th Oct 13 09:21:31Headscratchers.Amnesia A Machine For Pigs
3rd Oct 13 01:47:00Funny.Tabletop
23rd Sep 13 01:42:43Characters.Breaking Bad
3rd Sep 13 02:23:26Film.A Very Harold And Kumar 3 D Christmas
29th Aug 13 05:39:36Film.Dredd
29th Aug 13 01:11:34Characters.Bio Shock 1
27th Aug 13 01:52:25YMMV.Dexter
27th Aug 13 05:05:36Funny.Coupling
27th Aug 13 04:58:29Characters.Breaking Bad
27th Aug 13 02:18:56Quotes.Mistaken For Gay
25th Aug 13 05:12:46YMMV.Gone Home
18th Aug 13 02:32:54Video Game.Gone Home
18th Aug 13 02:32:03Video Game.Gone Home
18th Aug 13 02:26:37Video Game.Gone Home
18th Aug 13 02:22:36YMMV.Gone Home
17th Aug 13 10:03:17Video Game.Gone Home
17th Aug 13 06:44:13Art Game
17th Aug 13 06:35:06Video Game.Gone Home
17th Aug 13 06:34:01Funny.Gone Home
17th Aug 13 06:33:18Funny.Gone Home
17th Aug 13 06:29:08YMMV.Gone Home
16th Aug 13 04:19:39Recap.Farscape S 02 E 04 Crackers Dont Matter
10th Aug 13 09:25:39Funny.Superman Unbound
1st Aug 13 01:58:50Video Game.Shadowrun
24th Jul 13 01:29:34Awesome.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
15th Jul 13 12:39:20Heartwarming.Big Finish Doctor Who
12th Jul 13 01:25:22Being Human Sucks
23rd Jun 13 05:41:31YMMV.The Acts Of Caine
23rd Jun 13 05:40:16YMMV.The Acts Of Caine
18th Jun 13 02:09:15Characters.The Last Of Us
17th Jun 13 05:43:50Nightmare Fuel.Dragon Ball Abridged
16th Jun 13 01:32:30Characters.Tomb Raider 2013
11th Jun 13 03:42:10Funny.Gunpoint
1st Jun 13 09:59:10Awesome.Doctor Who
30th May 13 06:08:39Characters.Far Cry 3
18th May 13 08:28:05Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 13 The Name Of The Doctor
13th May 13 04:11:21Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 7 The Bear And The Maiden Fair
13th May 13 03:23:54Funny.Game Of Thrones
4th May 13 07:13:33Funny.Supernatural
28th Apr 13 02:47:06Funny.Supernatural
28th Apr 13 02:43:52Funny.Supernatural
24th Apr 13 03:15:15Characters.Bioshock Infinite
22nd Apr 13 02:46:58Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 4 And Now His Watch Is Ended
19th Apr 13 06:03:10Quotes.AI Is A Crapshoot
18th Apr 13 02:06:37Funny.Injustice Gods Among Us
9th Apr 13 01:14:48Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 2 Dark Wings Dark Words
9th Apr 13 01:12:45Funny.Game Of Thrones
7th Apr 13 01:38:35Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 07 The Rings Of Akhaten
17th Mar 13 04:43:12I Cant Dance
16th Mar 13 08:39:49Video Game.Grim Fandango
11th Mar 13 02:41:58Characters.Injustice Gods Among Us
8th Mar 13 02:03:19Funny.Mass Effect 3
1st Mar 13 05:14:07Web Video.Epic Rap Battles Of History
25th Feb 13 04:11:57Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack The Ripper
25th Feb 13 03:48:41Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin
25th Feb 13 02:40:46Sherlock Holmes Versus Arsene Lupin
22nd Feb 13 05:07:07Funny.Justice League
22nd Feb 13 05:06:50Funny.Justice League
18th Feb 13 01:33:24Funny.Tabletop
18th Feb 13 01:31:45Funny.Tabletop
17th Feb 13 04:58:54The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
17th Feb 13 04:57:42Adventure Game
17th Feb 13 04:56:50Franchise.Sherlock Holmes
17th Feb 13 04:56:18The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
17th Feb 13 04:41:39The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
17th Feb 13 04:39:47The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
15th Feb 13 01:35:11Headscratchers.Hitman
13th Feb 13 12:51:06Video Game.Aliens Colonial Marines
12th Feb 13 12:41:01Treme
12th Feb 13 12:39:03Treme
9th Feb 13 09:04:55The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
9th Feb 13 08:58:41The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
9th Feb 13 08:56:24The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
9th Feb 13 08:56:04The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
9th Feb 13 08:55:23The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
9th Feb 13 08:36:55Franchise.Sherlock Holmes
8th Feb 13 05:31:24Franchise.Terminator
5th Feb 13 04:07:41Headscratchers.Hitman
29th Jan 13 02:24:31Quotes.Order Versus Chaos
24th Jan 13 12:40:26Headscratchers.Supernatural
19th Jan 13 03:57:59Headscratchers.Primordia
12th Jan 13 10:57:11Headscratchers.Primordia
12th Jan 13 10:04:10Video Game.Primordia
11th Jan 13 05:53:43Funny.Death Battle
7th Jan 13 03:58:02YMMV.Hitman
23rd Dec 12 03:03:15Series.Homeland
6th Dec 12 02:08:37Awesome.Hellsing Abridged
3rd Dec 12 12:07:32Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who Specials UNIT Dominion
17th Nov 12 01:38:42Funny.The Angry Joe Show
16th Nov 12 08:35:27Funny.The Angry Joe Show
15th Nov 12 04:12:04Awesome.Hellsing Abridged
11th Nov 12 02:50:02Funny.The Dark Knight Rises
11th Nov 12 02:44:20Awesome.The Dark Knight Rises
11th Nov 12 01:28:43Headscratchers.Supernatural
11th Nov 12 12:55:21Headscratchers.Supernatural
11th Nov 12 12:54:49Headscratchers.Supernatural
8th Nov 12 10:34:52Film.Casino Royale
8th Nov 12 10:34:22Film.Casino Royale
5th Nov 12 03:13:12Film.The Shawshank Redemption
4th Nov 12 01:22:54Quotes.Attack Attack Attack
28th Oct 12 12:20:58Funny.Easy A
19th Oct 12 05:32:50Awesome.Max Payne
14th Oct 12 03:08:16Funny.Hellsing Abridged
12th Oct 12 05:09:29Sealed Badass In A Can
12th Oct 12 05:05:30Professional Killer
12th Oct 12 04:37:37Characters.Warhammer 40000 Space Marine
6th Oct 12 06:56:09Funny.Doctor Who
6th Oct 12 06:16:38Funny.Doctor Who
4th Oct 12 04:39:09Headscratchers.The Punisher
26th Sep 12 03:40:41Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
26th Sep 12 02:31:23Characters.Big Finish Doctor Who
22nd Sep 12 11:01:03Awesome.Black Mesa
20th Sep 12 04:53:42Headscratchers.The Borgias
10th Sep 12 04:31:24Heartwarming.Doctor Who
24th Aug 12 10:32:38Quotes.Artistic License Physics
6th Aug 12 01:06:10Xbox Live Arcade
28th Jul 12 05:45:26Comic Book.The Punisher
28th Jul 12 05:35:14Comic Book.The Punisher
28th Jul 12 04:54:27Headscratchers.The Dark Knight Rises
28th Jul 12 04:09:20Funny.The Dark Knight Rises
19th Jul 12 01:26:16Allergic To Routine
14th Jul 12 10:01:37Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who FDAS 1 E 1 Destination Nerva
14th Jul 12 05:01:29Funny.How It Should Have Ended
12th Jul 12 05:31:10Funny.The Cynical Brit
30th Jun 12 05:12:14Video Game.Resonance
24th Jun 12 01:52:57Adventure Game
24th Jun 12 01:52:22Video Game.Resonance
24th Jun 12 01:03:03Adventure Game
28th May 12 03:13:52Recap.Game Of Thrones S 2 E 9 Blackwater
24th May 12 02:48:09Open Secret
16th May 12 08:54:38YMMV.Diablo III
7th May 12 02:35:29Real Life.Mean Character Nice Actor
7th May 12 01:58:24Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
30th Apr 12 03:05:44Awesome.Game Of Thrones
30th Apr 12 02:57:27Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
25th Apr 12 05:27:37Film.The Avengers
25th Apr 12 05:12:13Film.The Avengers
25th Apr 12 04:49:31Film.The Avengers
25th Apr 12 04:46:44Shut Up Hannibal
24th Apr 12 07:43:02The Dreaded
24th Apr 12 04:42:52Who Dares
24th Apr 12 03:14:15Funny.Dexter
22nd Apr 12 01:56:44Alan Wake
16th Apr 12 03:39:36Funny.Game Of Thrones
16th Apr 12 03:34:31Characters.Game Of Thrones House Greyjoy
13th Apr 12 06:24:34Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
13th Apr 12 06:05:37Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
12th Apr 12 04:23:52Characters.Mass Effect 2 Antagonists And Npcs
12th Apr 12 04:04:28Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3
12th Apr 12 02:36:58Characters.Mass Effect 3 Antagonists And Npcs
12th Apr 12 02:35:23Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3
12th Apr 12 02:21:52Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3
8th Apr 12 08:19:25Tear Jerker.Mass Effect
8th Apr 12 01:52:04YMMV.Dear Esther
16th Mar 12 05:03:25Antagonist In Mourning
16th Mar 12 04:58:38Antagonist In Mourning
16th Mar 12 04:57:58Characters.LA Noire
4th Mar 12 11:57:12Headscratchers.The Stand
22nd Feb 12 02:28:27Fridge.Megamind
28th Jan 12 03:41:26YMMV.Underworld
19th Jan 12 01:43:52Tranquil Fury
16th Jan 12 01:59:48Recap.Doctor Who S 25 E 4 The Greatest Showinthe Galaxy
11th Jan 12 12:35:14Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
11th Jan 12 12:34:22Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
20th Dec 11 03:37:39YMMV.Titan Maximum
13th Dec 11 11:41:41Awesome.Richard Dawkins
4th Dec 11 01:23:26Funny.QI
26th Nov 11 01:52:39Sons Of Anarchy
26th Nov 11 01:16:56YMMV.Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost And Damned
24th Nov 11 02:16:32Gemini Rue
22nd Nov 11 07:44:45Characters.Breaking Bad
20th Nov 11 01:26:53Dropped A Bridge On Him
17th Nov 11 01:29:43Characters.Batman Arkham Series
17th Nov 11 01:26:30Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
1st Nov 11 03:02:14Characters.Sherlock
31st Oct 11 01:19:16Funny.Breaking Bad
31st Oct 11 03:22:57Headscratchers.Deus Ex Human Revolution
31st Oct 11 01:01:44Funny.Saints Row
29th Oct 11 06:21:35YMMV.Sliding Doors
28th Oct 11 01:21:22Characters.The Spoony Experiment