Tropers / Seren Y Gogledd

I first found this site accidentally in early 2008 (I think... I've slept since then) and, yes, it happened. So, eventually I got known and started writing stuff.

Currently a big fan of the following shows:

I also read quite a lot, especially Discworld and anything by Marian Keyes. I'm also working up the guts to try the Twilight books as I'd love to know if they're really that bad.
  • UPDATE: Have read the first one and actually kinda liked it, if it's taken as a parody and you ignore the Serious Business from the fans.

I have you lot to thank for introducing me to the following:

Fun Facts about this Troper:
  • The name is Welsh, and roughly translates to "Star of the North".
  • Wears glasses but is not Blind Without 'Em
  • Does not believe in Shipping - well, except Ryan/Colin and that's practically Canon anyway.
  • Proposed, wrote up and launched Informed Self-Diagnosis and proposed It Works Better with Bullets
  • Harbours the lust for Tim McGee from NCIS and Logan Cale from Dark Angel.
    • Since that last line, there have been about a gazillion others, though. Including animated ones, especially if Quinton Flynn is involved.
  • Can be found on Twitter under the name Seren_y_Gogledd, but for some strange reason I can't see any of my (pitifully few) followers.