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Describe me? Hmmmm.

Well, I guess I should mention that I have a wide interest, and like to think I can reasonably talk about anything less specific than ancient Sumerian pottery. I also like to play devils advocate, though I try to tone it down on the net, as the resulting flame wars can get a little out of hand.

My favourite author is Terry Pratchett, and I'm currently trying to get my hands on the Dresden Files. I loved Stargate and Firefly, but I'm not above the occasional sitcom like How I Met Your Mother, I'm a fan of Supernatural (though I'm not one of the crazies) and I also watched Buffy back when it was on. I play Warhammer Fantasy (orcs), and have a currently very small Tyranids army I hope to build for Warhammer 40K. I still haven't been able to find the spare cash for the latest round of consoles, so I'm still stuck with my good ol' PS2. Lately I've played Evil Genius and Psychonauts, which was awesome. I've only gotten into Anime recently, and have only really scratched the surface. I follow quite a range of webcomics, with Sluggy Freelance, Emergency Exit and Schlock Mercenary being the ones that jump to mind.

...Wow, that was longer than I expected

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