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This troper is a female currently residing in the Philippines. She is an avid fan of Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Chronicles of Narnia, Legion of Superheroes and a great many more things beside. She can also be found on She is a combination of lumper and splitter, with bias towards lumper-ism. Also a proud member of PLATTER and CUPS. Dish- and drink- ware forever!

Any rumors that this troper is part of a certain secret organization are completely false, and fellow tropers should not believe that this troper is deeply devoted to the cause of said organization. Her nose isn't getting longer, either.

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  • Oh, may it? May it really? Thanks for "de-facing" my page. Oh, and as a footnote, I'm a Texan who was born in the Philippines. How's that for coincidence? ~BlackWolfe
  • What about Elvish language? - Amused Troper Guy