Tropers / Dragon Hawk

Hello! My username is DragonHawk (without the space the farking wiki software insists on putting in). Feel free to call me that. My True Name is "Benjamin Scott". Feel free to call me that. Most people (myself included) just use "Ben". Feel free to call me that. But please don't call me "That". ;)

In Real Life, I live in New Hampshire, in the New England region of the United States. I'm a geek, a professional sysadmin by trade. I'm big into Linux and Free Software, and am heavily involved in my local LUG. I also know a fair bit about professional Microsoft Windows administration, although personally, I don't like Microsoft. I have a good understanding of technology and science in general. Outside of the geek/career stuff, I'm also interested in science fiction, and read heavily. I also like music, especially rock, double-especially classic rock.

I sometimes get questions on my username. No, I didn't get it from World of Warcraft. I was using the handle "Dragon Hawk" before there was a Warcraft. I think Blizzard stole it from me. ;-)

My email address consists of my username, at the domain used by Google's email service. Anyone who can understand that is welcome to email me. :-)