Tropers / Xzenu

Xzenu is a nerd who has always loved analyzing works of fiction. How they portray their realities, what kind of social, psychological and moral reality a work constructs with the setting it builds. He joined TV Tropes at April 30 of 2010, after having been a reader of the site for several years.

One of the many things he appreciates about works of fiction is that the realities of their settings are objective and can be seen from the outside. That's one of the main reasons why he started the "No Real Life Examples, Please!" page. For the same reason, he is not very fond of works that take themselves seriously while disrespecting their own premises.

Xzenu is from Sweden and is currrently in his thirties. Spent many years working as a journalist writing about computer games and the Internet. Has a academic degree (Fil Kand, comparable to Bachelor's Degree) in both Psychology and Sexology. Also studied Sociology, Criminology, Gender Studies and Philosophy. Hobbies include tabletop roleplaying games, movies, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Below used to follow a long list of trope pages, works pages, indexes, et cetera started by Xzenu. 141 tropes, 18 indexes, 43 works. Spanning over a very wide range of fields and genres. He eventually removed these lists because it sometimes happens that someone mistake starting a wiki page for being the author of a static page. Or mistake narrative devices for personal/political opinions. For example, an author using the trope Good Is Dumb in a work may be mistaken for a cynic who actually believe that Good Is Dumb. In the same way, the person starting the Good Is Dumb trope page to catalogue such works may receive the same suspicion. While that particular trope was started by someone else, Xzenu has started the pages for many tropes with the same potential for controversy.