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After numerous attempts to convince himself that TV Tropes has NOT ruined his life, this troper has finally succumbed and set up a contributor page. He hails from Chicagoland and blusters about the wiki like the anecdotal Windy City wind. When not surfing the Internet and looking for a job, he can be found enjoying Chicago Cubs baseball, practicing his banjo, or listening to The Moldau.

For anyone who cares, the term dockmarm comes from a favorite beverage among this troper's high school friends -- a combination of Dr. Pepper and cream soda, to be consumed on a boat whenever possible.

This troper has taken Never Say That Again under his wing in hopes that it will flourish.

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Note: the title should read "dockmarm" with a lower-case 'd'.

Also, this troper can't wait to bomb some dodongos.