Tropers / Master Thief

MasterThief is a newly-minted attorney, university office drone, erstwhile novelist, and lover of science fiction currently living in the DC area. Contact him at "thief" at "thiefsden," in the dot-net domain, post something here, or look for him under his handle over at Fark dot com.

If he was a MasterThief, perhaps he'd rob you.

  • Successfully lurked on these pages for three years.
  • Lots of contributions to pages involving good scifi, government, diplomacy, law and/or politics ('cuz that's like... his thing)
  • Created the page for The Forever War (because how can we not have a page for a freakin' Trope Namer?)
    • J Bridge poking in here. I started Forever War, and I didn't name it after the book. I just thought is sounded cool. It's a coincidence, but I can see why people would think that. Also, I might have to read that novel.
  • Launched my first trope 11/22/09: Don't Make Me Destroy You