Tropers / Gabel

A 20 year old troper living in Sweden. Started to use it for inspiration for his films, after all Tropes Are Not Bad. Being a theater student helps a lot too, especially when making your own films.

After doing film studies (where the site helped a lot) he moved on to working in the field. He is a working Director of Photography, mosly on independents, but has worked in advertising and even on a feature. You can find him on IMDB here.

Having fantastic memory he can recite close to everything you'd find in the trivia section of IMDB, close to every line from his favorite movies and spot tropes with ease.

Also a big fan of making fake blood like in films. Corn syrup, yum.

Has a huge obsession with the so called "New Generation Of Hollywood" and most of the films made during the 70's. After that comes the stoner comedies from the 90's.

Avid video game fan. Loves many underrated FPS' and still finds 2002 as the best year in gaming, with the release of three of his all time favourites TimeSplitters 2, No One Lives Forever 2 and Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Right now playing Left 4 Dead.

His first article became Rated M for Manly, nothing he really is himself too much.