Tropers / Zero

Ah yes. Where to being...

Mainly, I decided to create an account on here because I read so many pages on this bloody place, and edit and add content, that I figured I'd rather be known by a handle than an IP address.

So here I am. In all my hyperactive glory.

I have a hellish amount of handles I've used over the years on the internet, but for the sake of sanity, I'll just tell ya my most used/longest running ones.

Twilight-Zero, Twilight-Storm (both using a varation of underscores, slashes, spaces/or lack there of, depending on what's avaible), Storm, Saiuki Hinamaru (don't ask), Degenerate Storm...

Yea, I think that's about it for the ones that still make the rounds.

Also, if you've read to this point, Never ask me if I like the Twilight books. I DON'T. :|

I do, however, have a love of the time of day that is twilight.

Iffin you think you feel like striking up a conversation with me, (as long as it's not about rap, Twilight, homophobia, animal abuse, drugs/liquor), then feel free to hit me up at my yahoo account: yami_sakuno.

I do enjoy making new friends, and it helps that I know how to use the block button on I Ms and will do so if provoked.

Aside from that, have a nice day, and remember, there is no such thing as normality, just how fucked up the rest of the world is compared to you.