YMMV / Zero

For the comic book

  • Awesome: The incredibly brutal fight between Zero and Gareth Carlyle in issue 4.
  • Awesome Art: A rather unique case as each issue is illustrated by a different artist, but they all do an incredible job on their individual issues, while still maintaining the tone of the series.
    • The contributions of Jordie Bellaire, the book's colorist, can't be understated. In spite of the vastly differing styles of the different artists, she's been able to make the series feel consistent, and is probably just as responsible as Ales Kot in maintaining the tone of the series.
  • Critical Dissonance: Critics loved the final arc, and especially the ending, as being wildly imaginative and a powerful statement on the cyclical nature of violence and war. Fans were much more divided, with some calling the change in tone being too abrupt and, especially regarding the ending, pretentious.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In #2 Mina says "Well I want to die holding your hand.". In #3 she does just that, but the hand's not attached to her body.
    • The events of issue 9 make Zero's killing Zizek in issue 7 much worse. He unknowingly commits parricide.
  • Tearjerker: As a series that explores war and deconstructs spy fiction, the series has these moments in abundance.
    • Zizek attempts (and fails) to comfort Zero in Zero's debriefing in issue 2.
    • In issue 3, Mina's death. Zero loses one of the only friends he has and is clearly crushed by it.
    • Zizek is forced to make a Sadistic Choice in issue 9: leave Bosnia with his significant other, or their unborn baby.
    Marina: Roman. Please...Take the baby.
    • The play at the end of issue 10.
    • In issue 12, Zero receives his entire file and learns that Roman was his father.

For the film

  • Awesome Music: Harumi Ibe's score, a nice mix of orchestral and contemporary 80s style scoring.
    • Dawn, the theme music of the movie
  • Strangled by the Red String: Can be considered a deconstruction of this trope as Mizushima and Hamada's friendship is ultimately torn apart by the love triangle, and in the end only Mizushima is alive out of the three.
  • Visual Effectsof Awesome: Almost all aerial combat scenes were shot using RC planes rather than traditional miniatures, and it makes the air combat scenes extremely tight.