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Well, i see you are here. Why are you even here?

If you are wondering who i am, then i´ll say im a Friend. A venezuelan friend. A venezuelan friend who constantly enter this site because have no other choises.

In 1999, was implicated in a scheme to replace the President of the USA with a squid. Somehow i fail, the president was too spicy for me. Did i mention i was like five?

Here are some tropes i can use to describe myself:

Here are some things I like:

Feel free to vandalize.
  • Allow me to help your page out here! First comment! -Mokona Zero
    • Yay!!
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  • Feel free to join us at Synchtube. ~Rockonman
  • Fourth vandal here. Actually, three vandals, one of them vandalizing your page a second time. And I almost forgot to add my troper name D: - S Bane N
  • To be fair, a squid would have made a rather interesting president. - Nine-Tailed Cat
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    • Thank you, but im not into that.
  • I don't know why, but I just wanted to write something here! -Armored Fury
    • Funny that, i dont know what to write here.
  • 75 squared is 5625 yet nobody gives a sword or anything about that. Oh well, this is random. - S Bane N
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    • Happy new year to you too^^
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  • "Vandalizing" as I realised a friend had done one (and you're allowing it). Karjam P