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I'm Gyaku, known as Reverse elsewhere. Gyaku just means "reverse" anyway.

Although I am currently NEET, I am making arrangements to attend university in Japan. I'm an amateur translator, but I hope to become a full-fledged Japanese-English translator in the future. I also know some German but my German is bad as hell.

I like to draw and come up with stories, and one of my pipe dreams is to become a comicker. I'm used to drawing with pen and paper, but I've recently started practicing with digital art and it's too hard. My other hobbies are watching anime and reading manga, listening to music, watching grisly horror movies, and using the internet. I am very bad at talking.

This troper provides examples of:

Things I like:

Animu and mango:

  • My favorite genres are industrial metal and Neue Deutsche Haerte.
    • I like all different kinds of music though.
  • Gackt is my favorite solo artist.
  • Oomph!! are my favorite band.
  • Rammstein are my other favorite band.


Other stuff: