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An early 20'ish guy who works and then spends time surfing the web and coming here to be an unofficial part of the forum welcoming commitee.I always welcome last,cause I'm late like that.From Minnesota,and like everyone else here,complains about the states unwavering commitment to make the weather as odd as possible.

Describe Here

Can usually be found lurking in the Military and Warfare Tropes and Speculative Fiction Tropes due to being an aspiring writer of the Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy Warfare stories.Found lots of great webcomics due to this site,and tons of new movies and books to put on the watchlist and want to watch/read list.

Movies that Surprised Me- Um,yeah,I'll get more here.Maybe.

Current Likes-In no particular order.


More to come as I think of them.Below this,others can write in whatever the hell they want.