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Why do the "T" have a lampshade on his Head?

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     About Me 
Hey I'm Paul Miller.

I live in the U.K. No. Not London, Wigan.

I'm 26

Um... I not really a Good ...Talker.

I came to this TV Tropes, Not bad.

Let see what Tropes can tell you about me:

     Tropes I like 
And Tropes that I like:

     Trope Co 
Trope Co.:

     Original Character 

Forum That I've Post

     You know, that thing where... 
My Tropers.

A Friend's Page:
  • The Crossroad: A Story about a Hero name's Makoto Yoshio who want to be a Hero but having a hard time being a Hero, not even the Champions of Magic can help him. Not help that they friend are Brainwashed and Attacking them.