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Tropers: Furiko Maru
Furiko Maru talks too much. Usually when there's no one in the room.

Her screenname is derived from one of her discarded fantasy novels (IN SPACE!, no less), where it's the name of the main character's spaceship. Got that? It's 'maru' as in 'boat' - Furiko is not a man in Japan (though she'd definitely like to go there to teach English sometime).

When Furiko grows up, she wants to be Harrison Ford, because when you're Harrison Ford you get to fly the Millenium Falcon, fight Nazis, steal priceless artefacts, teach anthropology, make out with various hot people, and Sean Connery is your dad.

She will not, however, hunt replicants; she'll leave that to the Major, who is better at it anyway.

Furiko is responsible for the following leeches of free time:

Vandalization goes here:

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