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Officially joined the ranks 09/18/2009. Lurked and edited a long time before that.

Not much to say, really.

Avid cyclist.

Is currently liveblogging;

And finished liveblogging;

And hey, if anyone wants to post here, preferably about me, go for it. Anyone?

Dr Rockopolis has not one but TWO Ph Ds, the first is in rocking faces, the second is in archatecture. — Justice4243


Dr Rockopolis is a Pretty Cool Guy. Eh liveblogs Conan and doesn't afraid of anything. — Imipolex G

Keep on rockin' - Phyi

Fan Nickname: Rocko. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

Yo dawg I heard you wrote a Harry Potter Conan The Barbarian crossover thing in the "Fanfics You'd Like To Read" thread on the forums. Is it posted somewhere? - Air Of Mystery


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