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Hello, and thanks for looking in.

My name is Eric Walker. The easiest way to find out more about me, where I live, my interests, and much else is to visit some of my web sites:

Or, if you don't like jumping around: I live in rural eastern Washington State in a solar home of my own design. My interests include speculative fiction, baseball, the English language, classical music, vegetable gardening, vegetarian food, wine, mystery fiction, science, web-site design, and induction cooking.

I trained as an electrical engineer and have worked on satellite design. I have also been a rock DJ, a radio news editor and anchor, a consultant to major-league baseball clubs on player personnel, author, web-site designer, business owner and manager in a field I founded, boiler-room telephone salesman, residential property manager, and I'm probably leaving out some stuff. Time flies when you're having fun, or—as one frog said to the other—time's fun when you're having flies.