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Hey, bro.

I'm a relatively new Troper. So far I have shown small symptoms of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life and You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When.... Being a new Troper I am still wary of creating new pages or even editing current pages for fear of my pages not living up to the source material, or my edits not quite improving the article. I still consider myself a contributor because, well, I contribute. Just not as much as others... Recently I've been taking an interest in becoming more active in the forums, mostly because of the abundance of free time now that school is out.

I'm not particularly sure what else to put here... Unless I point out my obvious liking for potholing.

This Troper shows examples of:

Because of TV Tropes, I am now a fan of:

Feel free to put comments and the like here:

'Ello, you sound awesome. That is all. - Kinsley