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Troper: Fear The Wolf

In real life, I'm called David, when someone's not using one of my endless list of nicknames, the foremost of which is probably Ragnarok. I'm a British weirdo who blends attempts at art with stage technician work, building high power pneumatic cannons and tabletop gaming.

I was the original proposer of the Deadly Dodging Trope, and I've contributed in so many places I can't remember. Long time fan of Warhammer 40,000, you'll probably often find me contributing to the subject - or cleaning up other people's misconceived contributions. (Space Marines are seven feet tall, maybe seven and a half for a really tall one . Not nine, not ten - SEVEN!)

I provide examples of:
  • Million to One Chance - A few times.
    • Often with dice, where I get very long streaks of very good luck far more often than I deserve.
    • Also once in a game of Gin Rummy where I was dealt (from a well shuffled deck) a straight flush that missed only one card from the middle. Guess which card I pick up in my first round?
  • Major Injury Underreaction - My reaction to someone telling me I had broken my arm (which wasn't even close to being straight!) was "Are you sure?". I also have a habit of supergluing any cuts shut so I can get back to more interesting things than bleeding.
  • MacGyvering - Transonic cannons from bits of pipe found at the hardware store? No problem.
  • Percussive Maintenance - All stage technicians are fully versed in this.
  • Britain Versus the UK - Averted. Although I'm technically English, I define myself as British, as my ancestry is from all over the British Isles, with a Welsh great grandmother, and further back down a different line, the Isle of Man.
  • Catchphrase Several
    Insert some description of a good situation here, then add "so yay!" to the end.
    "I'm just winging it. Fortunately, I'm very good at winging it."
    "Because I can." (Response to "Why are you doing X?")
    "Twenty percent? Yeah, twenty percent." (I say this a lot. Not sure why.)
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome - because who hasn't got one? I tend to count moments from the tabletop games I play too.
    • A particular favourite is one of my characters coming within a hair's breadth of destroying an armoured attack aircraft using only gravel.
  • Weirdness Magnet - Most of it generated by me.
  • Blessed with Suck/Cursed with Awesome - The jury's out on which this one falls under. Asperger Syndrome. Gives me a highly unique skill set, as well as a natural understanding of how things work, at the cost of some social difficulties, chronic insomnia (it's half four in the morning as I write this, and I have slept 2 hours in the last 44), and terrible time keeping.
    • On that note, possibly Crazy Awesome as well - I attribute most of my greater achievements to my Asperger Syndrome.
  • Word of Dante - I appear to have reached some sort of state of nirvana on the primary Inquisitor forums, where people seem to think I'm some sort of authority on the background and rules. I'm not sure quite why.
  • Self-Deprecation - Lots of this.