'''Troper:''' FearTheWolf

In real life, I'm called David, when someone's not using one of my [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname endless list of nicknames]], the foremost of which is probably Ragnarok.
I'm a British weirdo who blends attempts at art with stage technician work, building high power pneumatic cannons and tabletop gaming.

I was the original proposer of the {{Deadly Dodging}} Trope, and I've contributed in so many places I can't remember. Long time fan of {{Warhammer 40000}}, you'll probably often find me contributing to the subject - or cleaning up other people's misconceived contributions. (Space Marines are seven feet tall, ''maybe'' seven and a half for a really tall one . Not nine, not ten - SEVEN!)

I provide examples of:
* {{Million to One Chance}} - A few times.
** Often with dice, where I get very long streaks of very good luck far more often than I deserve.
** Also once in a game of Gin Rummy where I was dealt (from a well shuffled deck) a straight flush that missed only one card from the middle. Guess which card I pick up in my first round?
* {{Major Injury Underreaction}} - My reaction to someone telling me I had broken my arm (which wasn't even close to being straight!) was "Are you sure?". I also have a habit of supergluing any cuts shut so I can get back to more interesting things than bleeding.
* {{MacGyvering}} - Transonic cannons from bits of pipe found at the hardware store? No problem.
* {{Percussive Maintenance}} - All stage technicians are fully versed in this.
* {{Britain Versus The UK}} - Averted. Although I'm technically English, I define myself as British, as my ancestry is from all over the British Isles, with a Welsh great grandmother, and further back down a different line, the Isle of Man.
* {{Catchphrase}} Several
---> Insert some description of a good situation here, then add "so yay!" to the end.
---> "I'm just winging it. Fortunately, I'm very good at winging it."
---> "Because I can." (Response to "Why are you doing X?")
---> "Twenty percent? Yeah, twenty percent." (I say this a lot. Not sure why.)
* {{Crowning Moment of Awesome}} - because who hasn't got one? I tend to count moments from the tabletop games I play too.
** A particular favourite is one of my characters coming within a hair's breadth of destroying an armoured attack aircraft using only gravel.
* {{Weirdness Magnet}} - Most of it generated by me.
* {{Blessed with Suck}}/{{Cursed with Awesome}} - The jury's out on which this one falls under. Asperger Syndrome. Gives me a highly unique skill set, as well as a natural understanding of how things work, at the cost of some social difficulties, chronic insomnia (it's half four in the morning as I write this, and I have slept 2 hours in the last 44), and terrible time keeping.
** On that note, possibly {{Crazy Awesome}} as well - I attribute most of my greater achievements to my Asperger Syndrome.
* {{Word of Dante}} - I appear to have reached some sort of state of nirvana on the primary {{Inquisitor}} forums, where people seem to think I'm some sort of authority on the background and rules. I'm not sure quite why.
* {{Self Deprecation}} - Lots of this.