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Tropers: An Ceithre Marcach
Overambitious troper studying creative writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I identify most strongly as a writer of fiction and poetry but I spend plenty of time in the worlds of non-fiction, drama, screenplays, comics, music and lyrics; basically, if I have something I want to say, I’ll say it in whatever medium best suits it. I've only recently begun to get my work published — before then, my writing was mainly found in The Slender Man Mythos. I also maintain a personal blog.

My work typically concerns itself with our relationships with history and the past, the desire to be good vs the difficulty of being good and mental illness in its myriad forms. I’m also interested in editing and translating, as well as literary criticism, so literature is definitely my first great passion. My second is debating – I've been debating competitively since I was 14 and currently number among the fine folks of the NUIG Literary & Debating Society. Apart from literature and debating, my interests include music, gaming, history, economics, drawing, politics and languages.

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