Tropers / An Ceithre Marcach

Overambitious troper studying creative writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I identify most strongly as a writer of fiction and poetry but I dabble in other media. I've only recently begun to get my work published — before then, my writing was mainly found in The Slender Man Mythos. I maintain a personal blog where I post whatever bits and pieces I feel don't belong anywhere else, so it's a pretty odd mix.

As well as creative writing, I have an intense love affair with literary studies, especially Old English poetry, which will hopefully be the subject of my PHD. My third great passion is competitive debating, in which I represent the Literary & Debating Society of NUIG. I also write journalism with College People, The Daily Shift and SIN, and serve as literature editor of the latter.

I like words, is what I'm saying.

    These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things