Tropers / Iambic

Long-time lurker, relatively newbie contributor. Tends to hang out on the Discworld and Shakespeare pages a lot, as well as, recently, That Guy with the Glasses and whatever play she's currently in. Her hobbies include getting away with wearing ridiculous clothes, making up crazy theories, finding homoerotic and/or kinky subtext everywhere, spending too much time on the Internet, genderbending, and abusing compound sentences. In case you hadn't gathered from the name, Iambic is an incurable Shakespeare freak.

Lives in Staunton, Virginia, where it is actually possible to go somewhere uphill both ways, in a house full of graduate students, theatre nerds, and an incredibly spastic cat. Her current favorite mad theory is that she is living in a fanfiction of her own life, which explains the frequent and random changes in genre.

Iambic has adopted the Theory of Narrative Causality as her sort-of religion and has dedicated her life to being as meta as humanly possible. So of course she tropes herself (and her friends) relentlessly. Tropes include: