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A troper from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who currently is a young adult attending college without many clues of what he wants to do for living. He is known for his communication skills and love for debate as well as his knowledge in various areas, most of them out of the scope of most other human beings interests.

Sligh spents great part of his available time studing weird subjects, most related to some kind of fiction, writing or theorizing about society and people or selling cardgames. Despite that, he does like to go out (most to concerts or bars) and is hardly found at home at weekends and enjoys parties and alcohol.

He is also, among other things: a radical leftist, a libertarian, a RPG player, a Magic: The Gathering Addicted, a rock (specialy punk rock) enthusiastic, a storyteller (not only in the RPG sense) and a social theorist and columnist.

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