Tropers: The Ghost Hybrid

Yup, that's me. I will stare into your soul.

Hello. My name here is TheGhostHybrid, a name I picked up early on in the Danny Phantom fandom. Now I just use it to avoid confusion and to show my love for the super- and paranormal. (I still love DP, though.) My real name is Sierra, and that's all you get.

I live in Oregon, Klamath Falls to be exact. Hmm - what else? Oh! I host a number of my projects on my personal website, Purpley Goodness.

I started coming to TV Tropes on a whim, but mostly through Neo Yi's page on deviantART.

Also, I'll finish editing the category folders soon. Promise. :)

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Things I Enjoy:

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    Fan Fics 



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    Newspaper Comics 

    Video and Computer Games 

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