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If you see someone named Karalora anywhere on the Web, it's me. Say hi!

Vital Statistics:
  • Age: 39
  • Occupation: Data entry flunky
  • Location: San Fernando Valley, California

Obsessive Fandoms:

Lesser Fandoms:

Fading Fandoms:
  • Anime, sadly enough. (I think I started to lose interest a few years ago when it went mainstream and suddenly the local shopping center was filled with middle-school Narutards.) I still have fond memories of the series I used to be into, however, and am often willing to hold forth on Fushigi Yuugi, The Slayers, and Vision of Escaflowne. But not Eva. Never Eva.
    • And now after several false starts, Axis Powers Hetalia is starting to grow on me, so who knows what the future may hold?
  • Harry Potter. I think my enthusiasm started to run out around the time Book 6 was published. So much fanfare for so little reward...

Tropes Proposed, Launched, Named, Extensively Edited, Or Otherwise Heavily Contributed To:

What? I don't have time to keep track of all that!
I also write fanfiction. In fact, I wrote this fanfic. I have also written more individual Scandinavia and the World fics than any other person in existence, that I know of:

  • "The Prank War"—Denmark pisses off Sweden, who retaliates. Suddenly they are locked in an escalating battle of nasty tricks and practical jokes, while the rest of the Nordics smile and nod and prepare to pick up the pieces.
  • "Spooky Brew"—The Beer Ghost gets into a closed-down brewery and manages to grow to enormous size and develop all manner of beer-themed powers. The Nordics must depower and capture it before it can propagate itself and take over the world with an army of Beer Ghosts!
  • "Advent Calendar: A SatW Christmas Story"—Originally published daily in the season leading up to Christmas 2011. Samiland—who is Santa Claus in the SatW universe—disappears on the eve of December. Turns out he's been kidnapped by (BUM BUM BUM) Nazi Germany, who wants to usurp his position and use the power of Christmas magic to make his own dreams of world domination come true. The Nordics band together with the other Arctic nations—America, Canada, and Russia—to take down the would-be dictator and save Christmas for everyone!
  • "The Most Important Question of Our Time"Which pony is best pony, anyway?
  • "In Favor of Birth Control"—Finland and Sister Sweden try to have sex. While babysitting.
  • "Creature Features"—When Austria's latest lab experiment escapes, how does the Mad Scientist of Europe manage to catch it? Why, he spikes three unsuspecting countries' beer with a mutating agent to gradually transform them into animals unless they manage to Find the Cure, of course! Chupacabras may or may not be involved.
  • "Locks"—A serious one for a change, based on the illustration "White Slave." Norway is Made a Slave while traveling in North Africa and must cope with not only the brutal physical conditions he is subjected to, but the gradual erosion of his psyche. How much will be left of him by the time Denmark raises the money for his release?
  • "Clash of the Daredevils: North vs. South!"—Once upon a time, there were the 2012 Summer Olympics. But who cares? Australia and Iceland are going toe-to-toe to see who's the bigger Badass!
  • "Love Isn't Blind, Just Near-Sighted"—In A.D. Umpteen-Umpty-Ump, war was beginning...and there's a new player on Sweden's team, and wouldn't he and Sweden just make the perfect couple?
  • "How We Roll Up North"—High fantasy! Sword and sorcery! Menacing monsters! Is it an AU? Nah...the Nordics are playing Dungeons & Dragons! But the events of the game might have repercussions back in meatspace...
  • "Christmas Crossover Crisis!"—One Christmas Eve, Sweden runs into a young man in a Santa suit, soaking wet and suffering from hypothermia. Meanwhile, in another dimension, Santa's gone missing...
  • "Walking on Water"—Did you know Finland invented ice skates? Neither did Sweden...

In addition to which, I was a player in both Arimnaes Happy Fun Time Power Hour and The Shadow Of Greed.
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