Tropers / The49th Persona

The49th Persona is a insanely sadistic Irish-American yaoi/yuri fan with a love for Naruto. Mainly a writer of small edits (mostly concerning her favorite anime character, Hyuuga Neji...) she also contributes to some other pages.

She is new, and does not have a lot of experience with the site yet, but she prefers it over wikipedia. Yes, she has written fanfiction, but they are never fluffy little things involving Sasuke confessing his love to his teammate.

She hates fluff.

And she hates Sasuke.

But not as much as she hates Hinata.

She also enjoys talking in third person, long walks on ghost-filled beaches, horror, violence, video games, girls, bishonen, demons, vampires, and the mystical.

She would very much like to be a voice actress, and is commonly called emo even though she is much to hyper and cheerful to be so (think Kafuka Fuura) Her hyperness is even more scary when placed next to her evil sadism.

And she likes to torture cute things. ^^