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Tropers: Omega Metroid
Describe Omega Metroid here. I dare you. Thus speaks the Omega Metroid!note 

Okay, okay, I'll talk about myself. Among other things, I enjoy the following:

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    Anime & Manga 

  • science fiction in general
  • Star Wars (sensing a pattern here?; I have yet to see the beginning of the CGI film).
  • the Stargate Verse movies.
  • some horror movies... although I don't really see where they get off calling them 'frightening'.
  • The Spider-Man movies. Even the third, kinda.
  • Kill Bill
  • [Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I can't recall names at the moment. And some are guilty pleasures.]

    Live Action TV 

  • Star Trek books
  • Star Wars books
  • Science fiction in general.
  • Mysteries & suspense, sometimes.

    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

I am a Christian; I used to be very sarcastic, but unfortunately, that part of my personality seems to have disappeared. I'm working on getting it back (yes, I like being a sarcastic person... who would think otherwise?). Hopefully, I'll be more sarcastic than I am now, but less sarcastic than I used to be (a perfect balance, in other words). I am also an otaku... IN AMERICA! CANADA!

I have been diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome. Then again, I was first diagonosed with ADHD, then Tourette's, both of which were determined to be incorrect by later doctors. Guess third time's the charm. ...Hey, we should have a trope for that!

So, I guess these are applicable (note that if I've entered anything, I'll link to the Troper Tales page instead of the main page):

See Chaos Ensues for the series I'm working on making.note  Now, I just need programming experience. And writing experience. And to sort through all of my ideas to see which tropes I used. And so on.

So, what have I added to this sitenote ? Well, I don't really tend to keep track of minor edits. In terms of more important stuff, I:

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