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A troper who has an obsession with many of the things discussed here. Hence the participation. 20, female, working on a double degree in English and Music (with a concentration in Medieval and Renaissance studies), loves fantasy and many forms of science fiction, knows far too much about random subjects that may be listed at some point. Favorites in the media discussed on TV Tropes to follow.

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    Things I Have Edited 

These are the pages I feel I've made significant contributions to. It's a fairly short list, as I've just become comfortable with major editing and fluent enough to know what tropes to add.

    Favorite Authors (if I listed books we'd be here all day) 

    Favorite TV Shows 
  • Doctor Who - I've only seen nuWho so far, but that will most likely change. Because it is amazing.
  • Torchwood - Season 1: embrace the camp. Season 2: enjoy how much better it's gotten, revel in the angst. Season 3: cry for hours and then gush about how well it's written. Also: Jack Harkness.
  • Merlin - So cute! Bradley James and Colin Morgan just have wonderful chemistry, which elevates the show enough for it to be enjoyable.
  • Dexter - What? A thoughtful, dark, violent, complex TV show? Hell yes.
  • Glee
  • Psych - Silly fun! Also one of those shows that's much more complex than it appears to be.
  • Burn Notice
  • Firefly
  • Life on Mars - 1) the writers are evil geniuses. 2) Jesus Christ, it's beautifully crafted (see the ridiculous amounts of parallelism between the first episode and the last). 3) JOHN. FUCKING. SIMM. *dies*
  • Sherlock - the first episode may well be the best hour and a half of TV I have ever seen.
  • Being Human
  • White Collar - Neal Caffrey is what happens when a writer reaches inside my head, pulls out close to every trait that inspires hopeless PSL in me, and condenses it into one person.
  • Slings & Arrows - Dear Santa: I asked for more time to do my homework, and instead you brought me a Canadian TV show about a Shakespeare company, which features some of the most accurate, insightful, well-acted, and passionate dissertations on Shakespeare I have ever seen. Also, Geoffrey Tennant. I'm not sure what that says about your opinions on the necessity of schooling, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I've only seen through early Season 6 so far, but I love you, Joss Whedon. So much.
  • Angel - A darker, more adult Buffy? Yes, yes, and more yes.
  • Dollhouse - So interesting so far.
  • Farscape - Love, love, love. The complex characterization and snappy dialog and wonderful handling of sci fi tropes made me fall for this within an episode.
  • Top Gear - I'm as surprised as you are. After all, I don't care about cars (excepting the really, really pretty ones I'll never have enough money to own). But the banter between the hosts is pure gold, and I just love watching them be enthusiastic about their passion. Hammond is my favorite.
  • Game of Thrones - It has barely started and I'm already obsessed. Lush, complex, gritty, political fantasy = love FOREVER.
  • The Borgias - Beautifully shot, beautifully costumed, beautifully acted, and full of beautiful people. What more could you ask for? Besides, Cesare is so attractive it's almost beyond belief.
  • Supernatural - I'll admit, the prettiness of the leads is part of the attraction. But it's also snappily written, highly interested in character development, intriguing from a mythos perspective, able to pull off tones ranging from full-blown comedy to pure horror, and more complex than it may seem at first blush.
  • Downton Abbey - Gorgeous period drama with a huge cast of complex characters. YES.
  • The Hour - A Cold War spy thriller wrapped in a character drama with a stunning aesthetic, flawless acting, and the most perfectly calibrated character dynamics you'll find anywhere. I. Am. Obsessed.

I would also love to watch Ashes to Ashes, Blackpool, State of Play, and various others I'll most likely never have time for.

    Favorite Movies 

    Favorite Ships 
This will be a long list with some canon, some crack, some het, some slash, some OT3s, and some genuine uncertainty. Probably boring for people other than me, but it's fun to list so I can track my preferences.

  • Doctor Who:
    • Nine/Jack - and maybe grudgingly Rose, but I don't really like her.
      • Thus, Nine/Jack/Rose when I'm feeling nice.
      • On the subject of Jack . . . I like the Ten/Jack ship, and will happily read/write about it, but tend to ship him more with Nine and Ianto because I'm so invested in the following.
    • Ten/Master - one of my all-time favorite ships. Just the Foe Yay, and the history, and the angst, and the pure sexiness and gorgeous acting of David Tennant and John Simm . . . *swoons*
      • Theta/Koschei - SO. ADORABLE. I tend to characterize the Academy setting as "chibi Doctor/Master," because it's the cutest thing ever.
    • Rory/Amy - say it with me: oh, Rory.
    • Eleven/River - River is so badass. I think she's a match for the Doctor. Firmly cemented by their adorable flirting in "The Impossible Astronaut."
    • Eleven/Amy/Rory - when Eleven is feeling lonely and Rory is feeling generous.
    • Eleven/Amy/Vincent - it's only one episode, but damn did they ever have chemistry!
  • Torchwood: Jack/Ianto - they are so perfect together. Children of Earth can go die, for all that it was beautifully written.
  • Life on Mars: Sam/Annie - sorry Sam/Gene shippers, but these two are way too cute to not support. Seeing John Simm all sweet and chivalrous and shy makes my heart melt.
  • Merlin: Arthur/Merlin - don't tell me it's not there. I've seen this show turn the most innocent people into squeeing slash fans within an episode.
  • White Collar:
    • Peter/Neal - so much Ho Yay.
    • Peter/Elizabeth - the cutest, most convincing married couple on TV, in my humble opinion.
    • Peter/Neal/Elizabeth - I'm pretty sure even Elle ships this.
  • Glee:
    • Will/Emma - not sure where I stand on most of the kids' relationships, but Will and Emma need to get together yesterday.
    • Kurt/Blaine - MADE. OF. ADORABLE. Seriously, "Baby It's Cold Outside" (and, you know, everything else Darren Criss does) makes my heart melt. And it's NOW CANON! *dies*
  • Sherlock: Sherlock/John - another of my absolute favorites. Has been known to induce massive amounts of Squee!.
  • Dexter: Dexter/Rita . . . *sob*
  • Star Trek: Kirk/Spock - I admit, this is mostly on the basis of the new movie. Still.
  • Lord of the Rings: Faramir/Eowyn - two of my favorite characters, and so perfect for each other.
  • Batman, in whatever form: Batman/Catwoman - especially in Batman Returns, because damn, Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • Shakespeare:
    • Much Ado About Nothing: Benedick/Beatrice - my favorite Shakespearean couple of all time.
    • Hamlet: Hamlet/Horatio - "Goodnight, sweet prince." More in their university days than during the play, though.
    • The Taming of the Shrew: Petruchio/Kate - don't try to tell me she was actually tamed. No, I subscribe to the theory they actually fall in love and then act for everyone else's benefit.
    • The Merchant of Venice: Antonio/Bassanio - Antonio is heartbreakingly self-sacrificing, and I just wish Bassanio would stop using him.
    • As You Like It: Orlando/Rosalind, though the slash fangirl in me also likes Orlando/Ganymede. But it's the same thing. Sort of.
    • A Midsummer Night's Dream: Oberon/Titania - they strike me as two very in love people who have been through a lot, will be through more, and still want to be together. Awww.
  • The Bartimaeus Trilogy: Nathaniel/Kitty - they would be so good for each other.
    • Maybe some Bartimaeus/Ptolemy for good measure.
  • Farsala Trilogy: Kavi/Soraya - I spent the whole series thinking it was heading this way, and then it just . . . didn't. Damn.
  • Kushiel's Legacy:
    • Phedre/Joscelin - talk about trial by fire; they love each other so much, and it's adorable.
    • Imriel/Sidonie - they balance out nicely.
    • Imriel/Lucius - yes, I know this is supposed to be OTP, singular, but come on. It's Terre D'Ange.
    • Ysandre/Drustan - because they are Bad Ass enough to deserve each other. And they're both fantastic rulers.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Draco/Anyone
    • Remus/Sirius - I know we don't get much from the Marauder days, but it just makes so much sense.
  • Tamora Pierce:
    • A lot of the canon couples, especially Alanna/George and Daine/Numair.
    • Beka/Rosto - Rosto in general is so sexy, I have no idea how Beka has resisted him for so long.
    • Rosethorn/Crane (past) and Rosethorn/Lark (present).
    • Briar/Anyone - except Berenene or his foster-sisters.
    • Raoul/Gary - though Raoul and Buri (and Gary and Cythera) are adorable too.
    • Aly/Taybur - I love Nawat when reading him, but the more I think about their relationship the more squicked I get, and Taybur is made of win.
    • Jon/Zahir - I blame Goldenlake for this one.
  • Good Omens: Aziraphale/Crowley - because it's practically canon!
  • Lie to Me: Eli/Ria - something about them just clicks for me.
  • The Queen's Thief:
    • Gen/Irene - massive amounts of Squee! were induced by the third book.
    • Helen/Sophos - so adorable!
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Where to start? It doesn't help that Joss Whedon throws in massive amounts of UST, Ho Yay, Foe Yay, and Ship Tease. Also, disclaimer: I have only watched through mid-Season 6 so far.
    • Willow/Oz - I know in later seasons Willow comes out and all (and I totally, completely support Willow/Tara, because they are awesome and adorable), but she and Oz are so damn cute!
    • Past!Giles/Past!Ethan - It so happened. Even Cordelia knows it.
    • Spike/Anyone - That man could generate sexual tension with a rock. Rawr.
  • Angel: I have to admit, the scene in the hospital after Wesley was shot almost made me into a Wesley/Gunn shipper. We'll see if that goes anywhere.
  • Farscape: John/Aeryn. SO MUCH CHEMISTRY.
  • The Borgias:
    • Cesare/Lucrezia - The eyesex is so intense that they have become my first incestuous ship. Wow.
    • Cesare/Micheletto - The whipping scene? Yeah. Damn.
    • For that matter, Cesare has smoldering chemistry with anyone he has a scene with, to the point where I often find myself squicked by the implications. But holy hell it's sexy.
    • Lucrezia/Giulia - They're so pretty together. And the kissing practice was beyond Les Yay.
  • Supernatural: Dean/Castiel. So very, very much. "The Man Who Would Be King" just . . . just gah.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: To an extent, this also translates to Game of Thrones, though I don't have many ships based purely on the first book, so we'll have to wait until next season and see.
    • Renly/Loras - My heart is breaking for them.
    • Theon/Asha - And so George R.R. Martin contributes to the list of writers conspiring to destroy my sibling incest squick. Their chemistry is absurd. That first scene together? Wow.
    • Jaime/Brienne - So much badass, so many self-esteem issues . . . they are made of awesome.
    • I like Dany/Drogo a lot, but Dany/Jorah is beginning to steal my heart. Iain Glenn may have something to do with that.
    • Tyrion/Shae/Bronn - Because Shae makes Tyrion happy (and he deserves that), but the dynamic with Bronn is too awesome to ignore.
  • And I support the canon couples in tons of other books, movies, and TV shows. Those are just the standout ones at the moment.

More to come. In case anyone's interested. Which they're probably not. But oh well.