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I live in a somewhat rainy, miserable part of England, read, write and game excessively, and spend far too much time on this site. That's pretty much it.

I can be found on my occasionally-updated Livejournal and the troper IRC channel (#tropers, as "Panzerwurst", with the position of half-operator as part of a controlled test of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity. I also regularly cruise the Traditional Games (/tg/) board of 4chan.

A definite Mr Trope Lumper, with occasional Hedge Trimmer and Serial Tweaker tendencies. Will kill on sight "I can't believe no one's mentioned X", double dashes, quotes lacking indentation and "** Actually... ". Motto: It's a wiki. If in doubt, edit. If you get it wrong, you'll know about it soon enough.

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Delicious ego-feeding Win-points for:

  1. Gaunt's Ghosts
  2. Image on Fusion
  3. Space Does Not Work That Way (title)
  4. More Dakka (all of it)
  5. The potholed line "Enuff Baka" in More Dakka
  6. Translation of Home Page into Pirate