Tropers / Mary Leathert

I'm still new and haven't actually added any new tropes. But I hope that will change. (Doesn't seem very likely, I'm not as imaginative as I'd like to be).

I like anime, fantasy literature/movies, role-playing, video- and boardgaming, but because I study English Philology at university level, I do know some older texts too. (Though I have realixed that I'm not that interested in them, I'm more of a linguist than literature student). I'm not interested in horror in any form, as I have a very low Squick treshold. On the videogaming side, I lean towards RPGs, adventure and puzzle games, and I'm not interested in sports, racing or first person shooters.

Things TV Tropes introduced me to:

Current/major interests:

Past/minor interests (The ones that I like but are not the focus of my attention at the moment.)

Oh, right, I'm from Finland if anyone is interested.