Tropers / Marky Markk

Marky_Markk was sucked into TV Tropes by that goddamm XKCD strip and one day he seeks to have his revenge. Because his job involves him staring at a computer screen listening to phones ring all day, Marky_Markk often visits the site when bored at work. So he's here nearly 8 hours a day. You will often see him editing four of five times in a row because of his tendancy to overlook things (Mainly the preview button).

He'd like to pretend that he has a life outside of this site, but we all know better. What he actually has is a man's body (Neanderthal) and a boy's mind (12 Year-old). There are few things in life that are as important to him as enjoying himself, and this he achieves with a combination of downloaded TV shows & movies, books, Xbox, music and sharing a few drinks with his friends.

When he's bored at work, sometimes he writes. Ideally, he'd like to be able to turn this into a career, but a combination of his laziness and what is possibly a lack of skill will most likely prevent him from doing this.

At age 12 he was told he had ADHD. At 16 he (worngly) claimed victory over it. At 20, he finally understood what it was, and now at 24 he realises that it'll never go away, and that his victory was more of a slight workaround.

He is vaguely interested in some of the concepts of Taoism, but his general philosophy is "People learn from their mistakes." There's probably a snappier title for that, but finding that would take EFFORT.

Can often be found lurking in the darkness of the Live Bloginations forum.