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LiveBloginations was a subforum of the TV Tropes Forum devoted to creating After Action Reports and Lets Plays of various works. These threads are known variously as "livebloginations", "liveblogs", "livebloggenings", "liveforums" and "let's watches".

The liveblogging trend was started by Furiko Maru in Yack Fest, whose Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann livebloggening has, alas, been "archived". It spawned several imitations before they were given their own subforum. Colin maintained a regularly updated list of liveblogs, which may be found here.

Live Blogginations has been moved off the forums and into a separate section of the site, located here. For more information about the current system, please see here.

Alternative Title(s): Live Blog, Live Blogginations