Tropers / Vulpy

Vulpy is a Caucasian male in his mid-twenties living in the part of America referred to as Southern Appalachia, which puts him on the list of Acceptable Targets. His favorite things to add to "examples" lists are items from Deadlands, Suikoden, and City of Heroes, three games he's spent far too much time playing. (He would add more Metal Gear Solid references, but all the good ones were taken.)

The only pages he's created, top to bottom, are Deadlands, Murder, Inc., and Three Rules of Three. (The latter two with much help from the community, natch.)

Despite the format of this page, he isn't often a Third-Person Person, though he might lapse into such speech patterns for creepy humor. (His coworkers are waiting on him to come to work with a bloody axe one day.)