Tropers / Zordauch

Nobody important, really. His Geekdom really started with Star Trek in middle school, after which he went on to marching band in high school, then Dungeons & Dragons and Anime in college. He had repented of his efforts in Fan Fic, until the latest Zelda game annoyed the everlasting daylight out of him, causing him to start a Continuation Fan Fic. He currently enjoys annoying his Supernurse bespectacled wife by pointing out Tropes when they catch up with assorted TV shows on DVD, as well as raising his daughter to be a she-geek. She should've expected as much, since she found him on a dating site by searching for Star Trek.

Oh, and he did start the Schoolgirl Rival entry. It happened to be a pattern he saw in a few different anime shows even before he came here.