Tropers / Afaz

Your standard procedure fanboi, often of the yaoi variety, afaz is an overly energetic geek with far too much free time and far too few friends. Despite the energy, he's considered a Grumpy Bear by most.

Tends to have brutal moodswings, thus all of the contradictory tropes listed, and spends a good bit of time in the Ineffectual Loner zone, with his Jerkass Fašade and multiple Berserk Buttons.

Likes to fancy himself a Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk or Magnificent Bastard, but that's mostly because he can't accept that he's just not all that cool and is living in his own little world.

Rarely makes interesting edits, instead preferring to read those of others and only change them if they're very, very wrong.

Also has a vagina.

afaz provides examples of: