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"Was yea wa yart foul walasya" Translation 

I'm LyricRomeR. Also known as Cyril or Remo. Aged 17, born on Sept 7, 1993 and lives in Quezon City. Joined the community at November 30, 2010. Currently a College Freshman studying (and failing) Civil Engineering. Was a student of Claret School of Q.C., Philippine Science High School, and Angelicum College.

I'm a member of various online communities such as Giant in the Playgrounds and Myth-Weavers. I play lots of Tabletop Games and Pen and Paper Games, and I thank my old English Teacher for that. Also plays games(primarily Visual Novels), reads manga, and watches anime.

Had a crisis of faith recently. Was resolved without any problems. Now planning to transfer to UP Diliman

Interested in meeting up with fellow Tropers in Real Life to expand my Social Links

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