Tropers / Nurfle

This troper was exiled from the handle nurfle! due to the ptitles system generally hating him.

X-Men and Star Trek helped make my childhood wonderful. I love all Treks, if not by series then by episode. I should probably warn you: I'm one of those rabid Niners.

I Watched tons of anime in high school and well into college, but now not so much.

I used to have a little gaming problem (burned out a PS2 or three).

I quit Comp Sci as a major when I realized that coding for eight hours a day might just put me at the top of a bell tower someday with enough cream pies to get everyone on campus.

Basically I'm an all-around geek. Oddly enough, I'm married (to another Trekkie, no less).

I'm a compulsive Serial Tweaker, a didacta-bot, and prone to correcting any error I see. I folderize and organize when I don't wanna use my brain. I've thus done much more cleanup than addition to this point (don't like that brain much).


Nurfle rhymes with blurble. I chose it way back when I knew I'd eventually need something unique-ish to search for on the Internet, and I've been using it since way before Urban Dictionary and its inexplicable need to turn everything into a vulgar sexual thing have been around. Sometimes I don't like humanity much.