Tropers / Robin Zimm

An engineering student who is in no way addicted to the Internet, much less TV Tropes, and certainly not above using the "spoiler" tag for a obvious gag inspired by the joke about the girls and nudist camp in the John Cleese sketch linked in the link above. (That he should be an xkcd fan goes without saying.) As far as TVTropes goes, in between occasional spells of Blue Fever, he mainly adds examples and illustrations from various of the many webcomics he reads or used to read.

You may know him as "packbat" on one or more Friending Networks.

In the recent past (circa spring 2015) he has been spending a notable fraction of his (non-TV Tropes, non-webcomics) time on:

Some of his more noteworthy edits:

    open/close all folders 
    Adding images to 
    Writing reviews for 
    Performing major edits on 
    Adding pages for 

...and plugging Roman Clef among the other Based on a True Story tropes and adding material from his superfluous YKTTW.

Things which he feels obliged to do:

Things he sorta wants to do when he's got a few minutes to spare: