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This Troper has been on TV Tropes for well over a year now, having joined the site in the middle of the night while halfway through a Wiki Walk (16/04/10 is the exact date). They are commonly referred to by their handle, but common nicknames include Rain, Mist, Spectrum, Fizzy and Fuzzy. They will write more about themself in the Third Person just as soon as they can bookmark all the tropes that apply to them, as well as the tropes and series that they are most fond of, and then compile them into a legible, nicely laid-out list. This may take a little while, but I'll get it done eventually...

Tropes Which Apply to Me

  • DeviantArt: Probably my second most frequently visited website, where I go by the same name.
  • Flat "What.": Often used online, occasionally in real life, when someone tells me something that just Does Not Compute.
  • Grammar Nazi: If there is anyone correcting the smallest grammatical/formatting mistake in an article, or rearranging a sentence entirely to make it more reader-friendly, it will be me. I'm also a little bit on the crazy side when it comes to punctuation.
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator: Homework. Good god homework. And don't get me started on the workload for GCSEs...
  • Sweet Tooth: I like my tea with milk and two or three sugars. Also, desert after breakfast, on occasion.
  • Tranquil Fury: I am very good at tolerating others but that doesn't mean I'm not annoyed by them.
  • Troper Demographics: 18/Grammar Nazi, Homestuck Fan, Vocaloid Geek, World of Warcraft Player
  • Tumblr: Favourite website at this moment in time. Don't think I could go two days without it.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: My friend Laura and I have a Type 2 dynamic going on at school. We annoy each other, we hurl insults at each other, we hit each other around the head, we send each other links to disturbing things and generally treat each other like doormats, but we really do care about each other. Sure, we tease each other like hell, but we've had our moments.
  • Wiki Walk: One particular example of this is where I started late on a Thursday evening, casually looking through the trope page for UST (having just linked someone to that page). Fast forward seventeen and a half hours spread over two and a half days and I finish up opening my last link, to the Precision F-Strike page - this is at 8AM on Saturday morning, after only two hours of sleep the night before.

Trope Pages I've Created

  • Grand Fantasia: I have being playing this game for months now and I still only have a level twenty-something mage. I fail really badly at this kind of thing, but I love playing it anyway because the soundtrack is gorgeous, as are the graphics, and the gameplay is absolutely addictive. I was kind of sad that there wasn't a trope page for it yet, so I decided to set one up using some information I had pulled up from the website.

Trope Pages I've Contributed To

At this point, the list is so long I don't think I'll bother adding any more to it.