Tropers: Lady Norbert

"My goal in life is to be the person that Mr. Rogers believed I could be."

A page about Lady Norbert, or Laura Klotz, or whatever she's calling herself today. Apologies for the length of the page, but the folders will keep it from being a Wall of Text. (She talks too much.)

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     About the Troper 
A deceptively mild-mannered writer and unrepentant geek, Lady Norbert is known to many as the internet's designated Team Mom. Many of her friends regard her as a real life Mirajane Strauss. Like Mira, she's mostly harmless... but Beware the Silly Ones, because she is an unabashed Mama Bear and, allegedly, terrifying. (Your mileage may vary.) This might have something to do with the fact that she has an awful lot of titles, most of which were given to her by other people.note 

She's kind of addicted to tropes, in case you couldn't tell from all the blue links. Sometimes she wears an Eyepatch of Power on account of being half-blind, but she has one good eye and she can still fire a gun. Also, due to a childhood car accident, she is partially constructed out of automail. No, we are not making this up.

As you may have guessed, she did indeed name herself after the dragon from Harry Potter. However, she would also like to go on record as stating that she chose the name before Norbert was revealed to be female. In fact, she's been using the name as her internet handle since 1999.

     About the Author 
When she's not online, Lady Norbert has published a few things under her real name. In addition to a drawer full of freelance magazine and newspaper articles, a blog, and a Web Serial Novel called The Graystone Saga, she is co-author of the children's book Pip the Mouse and His Magical Christmas, based on a holiday tradition local to her home region in eastern Pennsylvania. She is also the solo author of a series of children's books called The Oak Trail Explorers, inspired by and featuring photographs of her mother's dogs. In 2014, she joined the staff of Indie Game Magazine.

To the internet community, though, she's still better known as Lady Norbert, author of a whole lot of fanfic. As of summer 2013, she's written close to a million words of the stuff - probably more when you realize that some of her earliest fics were taken off of Fanfiction Dot Net owing to space restrictions. note  Currently, she is cluttering up the site with more than thirty stories; a link to her profile, for the curious, is farther down the page.

She likes to talk about her fics perhaps a bit too much, which is why several of them have pages on this site (well, that and her troping addiction), but she doesn't mean to be self-indulgent - she just has entirely too much fun. Her fics which can be found here are:

     Where have I heard that name before? 
People have actually heard of her and this unnerves her sometimes. If you've seen the name online before, it is almost certainly the same person, as there's only one of her and she's it. Most likely you would have seen her in one of the following places:

One other thing:

It's rumored that she's possibly affiliated with some underground subversive group, but there is nothing to substantiate such claims and she begs you will contradict the gossip should you hear it mentioned.